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Peace Love and Strength

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20th March 2018

For some time I've been looking around for something that is partly spiritual, partly motivational, partly meditation based and partly nature focused. I'm keen to embrace a culture or a following. Not a faith. I have no interest in anything religious.

The obvious things to look at are anything with Buddhism at its core. I researched it and found that it just wasn't right for me.

On the surface it appears spot on but the more I dig into it the more I don't get along with some of the philosophies.

I'm a great fan of the pagan beliefs of old and have read and digested a large amount of medieval culture. Norse beliefs in particular fascinate me.

But I'm no Viking and not really terribly interested in the trappings of paganism.

I was raised a Catholic but never followed it beyond my teenage years. Once again the trappings of the Catholic church put me off.

So last night I sat back and thought about what it is that I want to achieve. What I want to feel and how I want to deal with feelings in a positive way on a regular basis.

I wrote down three words: Peace, Love and Strength.

Peace - Inner peace. A peaceful outlook. To wish peace on those around me. To embrace peace.

Love - To feel love. To love those close to me. To love nature in its purest form.

Strength - To have the strength and resilience to cope with adversity and the negativity that appears daily.

I pictured three points - a triangle. More specifically a Triquetra. A triangular form in which my three words would be represented by each corner. Similar, of course, to Christianity's Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

But I have no interest in religion or deities.

What I do have an interest in is my own well-being and happiness.

Without thinking about it I joined my hands together and interlocked my second and third fingers. My thumbs, forefingers and little fingers were pointing.

I sat down and relaxed. Closed my eyes.

I cleared my head of noise and obstructive thoughts by picturing a waterfall. An image that always calms me.

In complete silence I sat thinking about each word in turn to the backdrop of the water plunging into the crystal clear pool.

Peace -- Love -- Strength

I visualised not the word but a symbolic representation of the word. Not a fixed image just something that occurred to me at the time. At all times the water was falling and I could hear the sound of the water in my mind.

I placed myself central to the process. As a meditation it worked. I didn't need to hear any words of motivation or a guided walk-thru to slowly 'switch off'. It just worked for me to focus my mind and concentrate on those three specific words.

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