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The Beauty of Minecraft

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22nd May 2019

Day to day life (whatever that is) is often loaded with stress. As we travel to and from work we experience endless tail lights and heavy traffic. The information that we absorb can be over-whelming. For me there is the need to escape.

I recently sat down with my son as he played Minecraft on the XBox. I was struck by how relaxed he became as he explored this pixelated world and constructed buildings, shapes and the terrain itself. When he went to bed I picked up the controller to see what it was all about. Within minutes I was hooked.

The beauty of Minecraft lies in its simplicity. Once you get a grasp of the controls they become transparent and the sheer joy of exploring and building shines through.

It really didn't take me too long to construct something that I could call a house. I'd put plants, shrubs, grass and trees all around it and even diverted a river to flow nearby. The whole experience was just relaxing and without distraction. A far cry from the day-to-day that I'd struggled through just a few hours earlier.

The company that develops Minecraft, Mojang, are a Swedish company. Everything that we've learned about Swedish culture is evident right there in the game. The minimalism and 'not too much, just enough' ethos of Swedish life is played out beautifully within the Minecraft experience.

If I feel like a change from the world that I'm developing I can create a new one in seconds. If I fancy a different 'look and feel' I can spend a few pounds on an entirely different texture pack. The game is genuinely a beautiful and relaxing experience.

The game's creator is a guy called Markus Persson who goes by the name Notch and has attracted a global following for his work. Little wonder that the renowned English game designer Peter Molyneux referred to Minecraft as 'a complete work of genius.'

Minecraft is available on pretty much everything. I strongly advise you to give it a go.

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