Live well. Live positive.

About The Positive Life


Life is indeed a precious thing. But for many of us it can also provide its challenges and 'off' days.

I myself have experienced more than my fair share of such days. So much so that it can feel like a constant struggle, or fight, just to stay focused on the important things.

My own story isn't too unusual. I was once happily married with a wonderful young family. Following separation and divorce I found myself at square one. My children became even more valuable to me as I fought my way through depression and anxiety.

Several counselling sessions later and thanks in no small part to a wonderful friends and family network, I emerged unscathed.
But still I felt that there was something missing. Something that I couldn't place my finger on.

As an artist I found it useful to draw my emotions. I still do. In work I could focus for a limited amount of time before I switched my attention to social media or the news. Such websites or television programmes had an enormous effect on me until one day I snapped.

Perhaps it was something political. Maybe something more obscure, such as something somebody said on TV. Perhaps it was just one too many photographs of happy families on Facebook, or the banal yada-yada of Twitter. There's a strong chance it was strongly linked to my disability (I have the condition Adrenomyeloneuropathy ). Something that I live with and endure every day. It may even have been the weather. Of course, it could well have been the culmination of all of those things. But nonetheless I was left feeling particularly low. As if each of those things had battered my mind and registered horribly low marks. Enough to tip my mood from content to negative.

It was then that I found myself uttering the words

I do not want to live the negative life

And that was it! That was my eureka moment. My epiphany. That very sentence had rang the bell in my head that prompted the most fundamental change to my life I'd ever made.
I turned that sentence around

I want to live The Positive Life

Not only do I want to embrace positivity I want to record it. I want to create a public journal of positivity.
I didn't expect for one moment that the domain would be available. But then maybe that is also part of the problem. Perhaps that in itself is a negative thought and the fates had conspired to present those words to me for a reason. Who knows.

But what I do know is that I shall enjoy this journey of daily positivity, resilience and inspiration.
I do hope that you will come along for the ride.

The Positive Life